Design or 3-D Design Nail Art                    $5+
Soak Off or Take Off                                $10

Nail Repair                                              $3+

Nails Cut Down                                        $3

Two Big Toe Caps                                    $10

Gel Top Coat                                           $5

Buff Shine Cream                                    $3

Polish Change Nails / Toes                       $7 / $10

French Tip or Color Tip is Extra                 $5

Other Services

FACIAL:  Please call for service info.

EYELASH EXTENSION: Please call for service info.


Eyebrow                                $10+

Chin                                       $10+

Lip                                         $8+

Full Face                               $30+

Sideburns                              $15+

Under Arm                             $25+

Full Arm                                 $35+

Half Arm                                $25+

Full Leg                                 $50+

Half Leg                                 $40+

Hand Treatment

Classic Manicure     $15

Serviced every two weeks, a manicure will stimulate nail growth and soften dry, dull skin. Includes hot soak, emphasis on cuticles, completed with massage and polish of your choice.

Manicure Add-ON SERVICES

Paraffin Wax                          $5

Deluxe Collagen Gloves          $7

ROYAL DELUXE Manicure     $25

A Classic Manicure with a luxurious addition!

Pamper yourself with well-known manicure products.  Let your stress go away with a sea salt hand soak and your choice of masque wrapped with a warm towel.


Feet Treatment


Paraffin Wax                          $10
Deluxe Collagen Socks           $8

Hot Stone Massage                $5

ROYAL DELUXE Pedicure     $46

Pamper yourself with well-known spa pedicure products!  Enjoy the fresh smell of your 8 choice of exfoliating, relaxing, stress relieving, comforting, calming, rejuvenating, exhilarating, detoxifying spa experience.  Followed by a therapeutic hot towel wrap treatment and leg massage.

CLASSIC Pedicure     $36

Put the spring back in your step! It’s time to cool, energize and invigorate those tired feet.  Treat yourself to a sanitized foot bath with a cool mint sea salt vitamin.  Then callus removal, hot towel treatment, leg massage and finish off with you choice of polish.

All pedicure service include nail trim, shaping, cuticle condition detailing, callus treatment, lower leg and foot reflexology message, and a polish of your choice.  

Nail Care Enhancements

SERVICE                                                  FULL               FILL

Acrylic Nails                                             $30+               $20+

Natural Nails                                            $30+                $20+

Solar Nails                                               $40+                $25+

Pink & White                                            $50+                $45+

Pink (fill only)                                              -                     $25+

Gel Nails                                                  $40+                $25+

Stiletto Nails                                             $35+                $25+

Color Acrylic                                            $55+                $45+

White Tips                                                $35+                 -

Pearl Tips                                                 $35+                 -

Acrylic Toes                                              $40+               $30+

Design/Color/Glitter Tips                         $35+                 -

Gel Color                                                $20

Gel Color with Classic Manicure             $30

Gel Color on Toes                                  $30

Gel Remove with Manicure                    $25

Gel Removal Toes                                  $15

Gel Removal Fingers                             $10

French Tip or Color Tip is Extra             $5


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